OMGSSHHHH you're getting married! You're going to have so much fun customizing your ceremony space from the decor details to the music. You're going to feel your best when you find the perfect outfit to walk down the aisle in. You're going to smile when you see all of your friends and family gathering to join you. But most importantly, you're going to BEAM when you first see your babe. The wedding experience is just that, an experience. It isn't a day, it isn't just one party. It's the process of growing closer to your love and making the decision to commit to your forever together. It's a celebration surrounded by everyone that cheers you on. It's all of the important components that you didn't want, but NEEDED to incorporate. Someone and something this meaningful to you should be captured by someone that actually cares about them too.

I'm in this to win this. I'm here to stay. I am not someone that just wants to show up and meet you on a wedding day and never see you again. Someone who cares about who you are and your story will care to document it lovingly. Picking a photographer is a huge decision, and you should feel totally comfortable with who you pick and their ability to capture everything that you know is important to you.

Y'all, getting married is super exciting! But it can be stressful too. I want to be someone on your side that can do whatever they can to not only make sure they don't add to the stress, but can hopefully take away from any possible worries!

This isn't just a wedding. It's not just one day. It marks the beginning of a new chapter of your life and your relationship with your best friend. Investing in photography that brings you joy has an incredible and lifelong return rate.


The Drill

From "good afternoon!" to "I do," here are the details!

step one

New friend?!

We can chat through e-mail, on the phone,  meet for coffee (my fav!), or jump on a video call. Here, I get to know what your heart desires and how I can serve you the best way possible!


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Wedding coverage starts at $3,550 and includes a complimentary engagement session, 8 hours of wedding coverage with a second shooter and assistant, hi-resolution images in a gallery for downloading & sharing + printing rights.