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07. Ceremony!

It all leads to this...

It's a big build up. The planning, the booking, the preparing, it's all for this day.  And out of every moment, even with all the trends and new things, inevitably it all comes down to the Wedding Ceremony.  â€‹


No matter how many times we hear couples say "I do", it still brings the feels.  Every wedding ceremony is the start of a couple's love journey.  


We're married.  Even though you see us working together, we are traveling on our own journey through life, love, and marriage.  To see couple's leap and take this first step is inspiring.  


There are so many details we want to show you!  It's not just about the beauty in the ceremony location, it's about the beauty in the people.  Look at the guests as they stand for the bride walking down the aisle.  Look at the groom starring at his beautiful soon-to-be wife making her way to him.  Look at all the emotions.  


So many couples miss these small moments as the wedding day whisks by.  We won't let that happen.  We always say we're about the moments and not the poses, and that's because these moments matter.  Rest assured you'll get to see all the good stuff in your final galleries and videos that you missed the day of!


You're not the only stars of the show though.  Those friends and family that got all dressed up with you to celebrate your day will get their fill of the spotlight.  Time for some Formals!

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