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Jersey City, NJ Engagement Session | Lindsey & Brian + Parker

Their Session: Lindsey, Brian, and their sweet rescue pup named Parker and I met up on a breezy Spring day. They wanted to memorialize such a special place to them; Jersey City! We went to Morris Canal Park, took a walk down the road walk where they often take Parker, popped by Grove Street, and finished off their engagement session at Liberty State Park! I can't wait to show you some of my favorite images from their session, but first, more about their love story!

How They Met: Lindsey shared the cute story of how she met the love of her life! "It was a Saturday night, June 6th, the start of summer! We were in the basement of our favorite bar, the Parker House, in Sea Girt, NJ. My childhood bestie's friend Bobby introduced me to his friend Brian and I thought 'Oh he's cute' but didn't think much of it. It was our first weekend down the shore that summer and I certainly did not think I'd be finding my future husband that night. After some dancing, one too many well-tequila shots and lots of smiling, we kissed and the rest is history! I first noticed Brian's smile, he has such adorable features and he had a great glow to him in the basement. It's sweaty down there so everyone looks very dewy! The first thing Brian noticed about me was my butt :)" Haha! I love how Lindsey remembers the exact date of when she met Brian! It also makes my heart so happy that they named their dog Parker after the location they met at, The Parker House!

The Proposal: I love the sweet story Lindsey told about how Brian proposed to her! "Sunday, June 28th, 2020 we went out on our usual walk to the dog run before heading out to visit Brian's Gram, followed by an afternoon BBQ at his brothers house. This was our usual weekend routine and on that day we headed over to Van Vorst Park. Van Vorst is known for being a more intimate park with beautiful flowers, fountains and romantic walkways. Little did I know, our families were in on the surprise and the BBQ was a mini celebration for what was to come. We left our apartment that day as boyfriend and girlfriend and returned as fiancees! As we were leaving the dog run, I noticed how gorgeous the hydrangeas looked and Brian asked if I wanted to take a stroll. Before I knew it, Brian was down on one knee asking if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him and Parker. To top it off, Brian had his good friend Connor drive up from Asbury Park to snap pictures and capture our moment in time. I am similar to you, Jessah in that I did not want our proposal to happen in a crowded restaurant or busy area where all eyes would be on us. I was thrilled that it was a more private moment between the three of us (Parker had to be there of course!). My only request was that we had photos from that moment as I have always been passionate about capturing raw real emotion. It was a beautiful day!" How awesome is Brian for keeping his proposal intimate but making sure to document it?!

Their Love: Brian says that Lindsey is extremely thoughtful and caring. She makes sure to never miss sending out a birthday or holiday card to any of her friends or family members! He said she was so easy going when he got to know her and it was so fun to be around her. Brian also shared that they had great chemistry! Lindsey loved that Brian is all in when he does something. She said he taught her not to half-ass anything, but to give 100% to everything she does. She shared that he was unlike any of the other boys she had ever dated or even met. Lindsey knew early on that there was something different and special about Brian! She would typically get very nervous around boys, but with Brian, she felt so comfortable and safe!

Lindsey and Brian enjoy riding their bikes, going for walks/ hikes with their furbaby Parker, hanging out in the kitchen, and trying new restaurants in Jersey City. A perfect weekend for them would be enjoying a nice breakfast at home, going for a walk or hike with Parker, grabbing lunch at a local cafe (or even making something at home), relaxing until they cook dinner together and enjoy it with a nice cocktail. They love building their lives together. They are all about creating memories that will last a lifetime! Lindsey and Brian are buddies in addition to lovers (PLS, I-✋ 😭) and feel truly blessed to share these moments together.

Their Furbaby: Parker is almost 3 whole years old! They adopted him from a shelter in New York City about 2.5 years ago. He was found as a puppy on the streets of Tennessee. ☹️☹️☹️ But now he is the light of Lindsey and Brian's lives! He's apparently a very big hugger, kisser, and snuggler. Sounds absolutely PERFECT to me! They recently did a doggy DNA test on Parker and found out that he is part Border Collie, Black Lab, Aussie Cattle Dog, Aussie Cattle Dog Stumpy Tail and Dalmatian!