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Philadelphia Magic Gardens Engagement Session | Enrica & Matt

Their Session: Philadelphia's Magic Gardens, Philadelphia, PA

I met these two balls of fun on a winter morning in Philly. I was so excited to meet my new friends and check out this unique place they wanted to visit! We spent our time exploring the mixed media world and getting scolded (okay, maybe just me) for touching anything. Definitely a challenge! I am a very tactile person and love to put textures to visuals! I was able to sneak in some photos of Enrica's engagement ring, so it was definitely do-able! I'd love to share some of my favorite pictures from Matt and Enrica's engagement session in Philly, but before we get to that, more about these two!

How They Met: Enrica and Matt met through mutual friends at a Rutgers tailgate. The first thing Enrica noticed about Matt was his laugh and his ability to have a good time with his friends. Matt first noticed how outgoing Enrica was and her dance moves! They bonded over Rutgers football and a love for their friends. Their friendship grew throughout a year or so. Matt began working in Philly and stayed at Enrica’s house rather than commuting to his home in Bethlehem. After growing closer, the eventually started dating and the rest is history!

The Proposal: The way Matt proposed to Enrica is so sweet. Here's what she shared; "It seems lackluster in writing, but it was absolutely the most magical moment ever. It was in our first shared home, our Cherry Hill condo. It was April 11, 2019, and I took the day off to help Matt pack for his move to Boston. I was staying to finish out the school year, but he was heading up to start his new job. The day was filled with on and off tears from yours truly. During one specific bought of crying, Matt told me he had a present for me and brought me into the other room. He took a box out of his drawer (you know which drawer haha) and I was in disbelief. I wouldn't let myself believe it was THE ring. He dropped down to one knee and told me I was his favorite person in the world and that he loved me more than anyone and anything and asked if I would spend the rest of my life with him. I, naturally, said "Of course!" I found out later that he had met with my dad to ask for his blessing and had shopped for and designed the ring with his mom. He had told me he didn't know WHEN he was going to do it and assumed it would be on a visit to our new city. But he decided that the moment just felt right, so he did it before leaving!" I love that Matt didn't want Enrica to have a single doubt in her mind that she was his person, regardless of distance!!!

Their Love: Matt describes Enrica as understanding, spontaneous, and loving. He loves how caring she is. Enrica tries to prioritize the people in her life that are important to her. He shared that he enjoys all the time they spend together, even if they're just hanging out and relaxing. Matt said their chemistry as friends is what made him start to fall in love with Enrica.

Enrica describes Matt as hilarious, lighthearted, and handsome. She absolutely LOVES his sense of humor. While sometimes it drives her crazy because he can’t turn it off, he can always make her laugh, even if she’s mad at him! She shared that she believes she can understand his jokes on a higher level than other people. Enrica believes the balance and laughter that Matt brings to their relationship is her favorite thing about him. He helps keep her grounded and feel less anxious about life. She believes she helps him take important things in life a bit more seriously. Being able to talk to Matt so easily is what made Enrica start to fall in love with him.

They love going to punk shows, breweries, and movies together. Watching awful TV at home and playing with their apathetic bunnies are also some of their fav things. These two just want to have a good time and laugh with and even at each other! Their idea of a perfect Saturday would be tailgating with their friends at Rutgers. Their ideal Sunday would be watching the Eagles play at home or at a bar. They’re also open to enjoying time at a brewery or a new unique/artsy place when it’s not football seaso!

Enrica & Matt: Thank you so much for spending time with me on a chilly winter morning! One of my favorite memories was when you both invited me to coffee after our engagement session at the Philadelphia Magic Gardens and we sat down and just chatted about life. 🥺 It meant a lot to me. 🥰 We talked about your pet bunnies and about life in Boston. I cherish you two and think you're absolutely adorable! Your personalities seem so different but you compliment each other well. I can't wait to see you babes again! Don't forget about me over there in Massachusetts!!!



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