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Princeton University, NJ Engagement Session | Jess & Johnnie

Their Session: We met on a summer day near Princeton University. Jess and Johnnie were dressed so proper and refined. They selected a location that reflected the elements of their attire as well as their personalities. I had a great time visiting a new location, one that is more familiar to both of them. I can't wait to share some of my favorite photos from their engagement session but first, more about their love story!

How They Met: Jess and Johnnie met on Bumble, a dating app that only permits women to initiate conversations. Their first date was filled with long conversations and a bottle of red wine. They stayed up talking until 3am! Jess felt like they had known each other right off the bat. Conversation flowed so easily between her and Johnnie and their relationship seemed to progress effortlessly!

The Proposal: I love the way Jess shares about their peaceful and intimate proposal! “Johnnie and I met in Lancaster, PA. Johnnie owned a home and I had just moved back with my parents temporarily after graduating college. About a year after we met, Johnnie accepted a new job at Rutgers University and moved to New Jersey. Shortly after, I followed him to NJ to embark on a new adventure. Despite this, Lancaster always held a special place in our hearts. We loved the downtown area with the great farm-to-table restaurants, the local hiking trails, and how beautiful and rural it was! As of 2020, it has been quite some time since we had been back to visit, and we decided to book a long weekend to return! On a Friday in March, we made the drive to Lancaster, PA and decided we would prioritize visiting a hiking trail we used to walk - Chickies Rock County Park and Overlook Trail. It is a long ridge in West Hempfield Township in Lancaster, PA, that overlooks the Susquehanna River. I had originally shown Johnnie this trail when we started dating, since my parents and I walked it every weekend together. We had a few spots that were my personal favorite because they were an overlook spot, or more secluded and private - like a sanctuary! :) On our way into Lancaster, even though it was a very cloudy day and raining intermittently, Johnnie was insistent that we go to Chickies Rock and revisit our favorite spots. I was a little suspicious by how much of an effort he was making to go during a gloomy day, but agreed to go anyway! Because it was a rainy day, there was only us on the trail, so it was quiet and quaint. We explored and made our way to one of my favorite spots. We got to the spot, which is a private and elevated rock surrounded by trees. Through the trees, you are able to see a glimpse of the river. When we got to this spot, Johnnie held my hand and told me, “When you first showed me this spot, it made me realize just how special you were to me." Then he proceeded to get down on one knee and pull out the ring box. When he opened the box and asked me to marry him, I forgot to actually respond because I was so enamored with how beautiful the ring was and how excited I was! We hugged and kissed, and then Johnnie asked, “Did you ever actually say yes?!" I said, “Oh my gosh no I forgot, I was too excited!!" Later that evening, we were able to get takeout from one of our favorite pubs and open a bottle... or two... of prosecco to celebrate. It was one of our favorite weekends we have ever had!” Surrounded by nature with such a meaningful location, could it get any better than that?!!?

Their Love: Jess loved Johnnie’s smile and thought he was very attractive. What made her fall for him was how he listened to her stories and remembered the smallest details that she shared. She adored how goofy he would be with her and that he was always making her laugh. Jess thought he was emotionally intelligent which was very important to her as a self-proclaimed sensitive gal! She loves Johnnie’s ability to make her laugh and have fun with her. She feels like she learns more about him everyday and continues to grow in admiration and love.

Johnnie loves how Jess commits to things that are important to her in her life. Whether her career or goals, she works endlessly to obtain it. She chose Johnnie and continues to chose him. He loves how loyal and committed Jess is. He said she always makes sure he feels loved.

When asked about a perfect date night, Jess shared; “We don't need much for it to be a perfect date night! We love planning nights on the weekend where we take the time to dress-up for each other, make reservations at a nice local spot, and then share some drinks when we get home and listen to music or watch a good movie. We think it is important to take the time in a long-term relationship to ‘impress’ each other and designate special days for date nights. The dinner doesn't have to be extravagant, it's all about the quality time together!” I love that they both are so deliberate and intentional about spending quality time with each other!

Jess & Johnnie: I was so touched by how well you both got along and the clear chemistry that you two have for each other! Your taste in attire and location matched perfectly! It was great to see you two having fun together and just enjoying the comfort of being around one another. I can't wait for your wedding!



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