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The Atrium of Tenafly, Tenafly, NJ Wedding | Kyla & Kevin

Their Wedding: The Atrium of Tenafly in Tenafly, NJ

Kyla and Kevin, like so many couples, were affected by covid during their wedding planning. While they had to reschedule their date, they were thrilled when it finally arrived! They were so relieved and happy to finally join all of their friends and family. They had their traditional Catholic ceremony at St. Joseph’s Church in Bogota, NJ. One of the things that stood out to me so much about this day was the amount of children that were there. With about 40 kids attending, it was clear that they wanted everyone to feel welcome! Each child was given a flower to lay down and honor the Mary statue. The priest also had the little ones gather to the front where he said a prayer over them.

It was raining that day and I knew how important photographs were to Kevin and Kyla. I prayed that the weather would clear temporarily to get those photos for them, and it totally did! They walked through a military saber arch before taking some family photos at the church. Then, we headed to the Palisades Shore Trail at the Fort Lee Historic Park to capture their wedding party formals and have some fun too!

After our venture to the park, we headed to The Atrium of Tenafly for their reception. While still feeling the effects of social distancing, all of the guests were still so happy to join them and celebrate! Since Kyla's father is no longer with us, she chose to have some relatives dance with her. I loved watching her twirl around with so many different members of her family! She wanted to honor the support system she's had during different times of her life.

Everyone partied the night away, especially all of the kids. Kevin and Kyla's wedding day was so positive and such an unforgettable event. Take a look at some of the special moments below!