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Jessah and Jason

We're pleased that you want to know more about us!

She's a photographer who loves providing a fun experience. He's a videographer that goes out of his way to do what's right.


Jessah and Jason met in homeroom in high school. While Jason is an upbeat morning person, Jessah was more quiet and half-awake. What began as a few chats before the daily announcements ended up blossoming into a fun friendship. They were besties before starting to date in college. They got engaged after school (at a farm!) and married about a year afterwards on their 6 year anniversary. Jessah and Jason tied the knot in Hampton, Virginia and spent the week on their honeymoon.


These two have a sweet fur-baby named Benji and love the simple things in life. Having been married for about 9 years, Jessah and Jason love connecting with other couples to help them celebrate and document their love stories. From sharing coffee to joking about whose dog is the bestest, they believe in treating people like friends and not numbers. Getting to know their couples is the best way to provide an unforgettable experience. Fueled by their faith in God and caffeine (okay, maybe just coffee for one), they believe they can conquer anything together.



I'm a coffee and comedy movie fanatic. I couldn't imagine life without either of them. Jim Carrey is a gift to the industry and lattes make me feel fancy. I'm an accidental mug collector and a purposeful shoe collector. I believe in saying how you feel because life is too short to be dishonest to yourself.


Photographing a couple's love story makes me feel so alive. Capturing every small detail and moment where you think no one is looking. Snagging the times you're looking at each other with heart bubble in between conversations. It's mush, and I'm here for it.





As long as I can remember, I've loved working with my hands. From fixing bicycles, to rebuilding car engines, I've enjoying learning how things work and pushing the limits. I am all for thinking outside the box. Now I have the joy of crafting unforgettable videos for people. Life is just truly amazing.


When I'm not working on videos, I love relaxing and checking out what's on YouTube. Our dog Benji is the best, even better than my wife, and I love spending time with him. If I don't laugh, I'll cry, so I'm planning to laugh for the rest of my time here.




Benji is our sweet little pup! We adopted him through a rescue with the help of one of our sweet couples! It turns out that he is the perfect dog for us! At 3 years old, he's so spunky and full of energy. He's a Chihuahua and Wire Hair Terrier Mix, so he's got some barking and guarding to do! When not protecting us from other dogs' attention and continually saving our lives, he loves to play fetch and tug-of-war. He is also very affectionate and loves to give us kisses! He is a big snuggle bug and enjoys getting belly rubs. We're so happy to be his paw-rents and Benji has totally improved our lives!

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