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Bear Mountain Inn in Tomkins Cove, NY Wedding | Katie and Jason

Jessah and I were with Katie and Jason again! That's right, two Jasons for double the fun! Bear Mountain Inn set in Tomkins Cove, NY was a lovely venue to return to. We didn't go up to the mountain this time, and we had a lot of overcast drizzly weather, but we pushed through.

Lucky we did get outside for the first look, and Jason was sporting this beautiful green suit that was flexible and stretchy. Got to remember to pick me up one of those when the time comes.

We went to the carousel on the grounds and road around like kids! This wedding had an energy that was youthful but unique. Later on I went to all the wedding tables and gave a chance for everyone to root on our bride and groom Katie and Jay! It was a great night, and Jessah and I stayed late finishing up some stuff, and then we hit the dance floor for a bit. It was a great wedding!

Love was there, was it perfect? You'll just have to watch the video.



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