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05. Card Readings!

One of a kind love note!


They say that words cannot describe...but they can sure try!  We adore card readings between couples.  It's a special moment we feel privileged to be a part of.  

Not only does this make a unique moment to capture on your wedding day, but many couples save their cards for years to come! 

So many things from your wedding day will be fleeting.  Your beautiful wedding cake, eaten.  Lovely flowers, passed on.  Makeup, washed off.  But a card written to your significant other is an intimate detail that you can and will always cherish.  

A love card is a chance to express clearly your love on your wedding day.  As you can imagine, weddings pass quick!  Before you know it, this beautiful day that you spent months planning passes in an instant. 


A bride and groom might not find the time to talk alone with each other on their wedding day.  A card makes sure you can say what you want to each other.  By the time you get to your First Look, no words are needed.  

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