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12. Finale!

Love just keeps going...


If you don't want to stop, we don't want to stop.  More and more couples ask us to stay till the end.  Sparkler finales, private last dances, moon-lit walks, there's a million ways to end your wedding.  There's a reason for the hype, because it's memorable.  

We always felt there was something missing when you reach the end of the wedding night, and the music kind of just stops, and guests one by one make their way out.  A finale is a way to end with a bang, and there's nothing we like more for photo and video.   

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So basically we're best friends by now, we might as well finish the night together.  The only thing that could possible tear us away from your final moments, is the excitement to go edit all this great footage and photos. 


No worries, this is only the beginning for you two and for us two.  After your finale, you have a marriage to work on afterwards.  It's work that takes time, but it's fun!  The end result is worth it. Likewise, we have so much content to go through.  It'll take time, but it's fun.  The end result, is worth it...

So much info, so many moments, so much to plan, so much to consider.  We're not here to overwhelm you, just to give you things to consider.  Based upon everything you've had a chance to see, here's our Recommendation of Hours for your wedding.  

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