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How many hours should I book for my Wedding?

This is the top question most couples wonder when considering photography and videography. Do I need 10 hours? Is 8 hours good enough? Can I capture everything I want with the hours I book? Is it worth the extra money? Can I add more hours later if I think I need them?


These are all good questions...So start by making a list of what moments you want to have captured. Weddings are made of moments, so you should know beforehand what moments matter most!

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01) Bridal Details

Perfumes, Rings, Invitations...It's all important!

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02) Groom Details

Shoes, Ties, Watches, Don't Get Dressed yet!

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03) Bridal Prep

Party Time Ladies Style!

04) Groom Prep

The Gents Let Loose!

05) Card Readings

Intimate Cards... The Anticipation!

06) First Look

Tears of Joy, a Sight to See!

07) Ceremony

The Joining, it all Happens Here!

08) Formals

Bring it in for the Photos!

09) Couple's Portraits

Steal away, Breathtaking!

10) Reception

Family, Friends, Dance Fever!

11) Cake Cutting

Keep it Clean...or Dirty?

12) Private Dance/Sparkler

Cherish Your Wedding Finale, Make it Last!

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