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Acorn Hall, Morristown, NJ Couples Session | Kayla & Adam

alternative female and alternative male posing in the forest

Their Session: Acorn Hall, Morristown, NJ Couples Session

Kayla and Adam wanted to meet up and have some photos of them taken at Acorn Hall in Morristown. Acorns are a special symbol in their relationship, so they thought it was only fitting to honor that by checking it out! I'm happy to share some of my favorite images from their session, but first, more about these two cuties!

Adam and I somehow connected on Instagram and became online buddies. We connected over photography. He's such a cool guy and connected me with his fiance and best friend Kayla. He told me he was doing a personal challenge of trying to make and meet 100 new friends that year, which I thought was unique and I felt special to be a part of that!

Their Love

Kayla and Adam met at a vape convention. She was selling wholesale refill liquid and he was buying for the company he worked with. Kayla kept seeing Adam around the convention hall that night. He found her online on Tinder and messaged her. After a few missed connections, they kept in touch. Kayla lived in Kentucky while Adam lived in New Jersey. They started talking often.

Here's what Kayla said about their initial get together. "The first official time we met was in Kentucky! He flew down to spend my 21st birthday with me! I sent him a message a few weeks beforehand jokingly asking, ' what are the odds you'd come down for KY birthday?' and a few days later he sent me screen shots of a plane ticket. then we planned a trip for me to go to Jersey 6 months later!"

Kayla shared that her visit to New Jersey helped alleviate some of her feelings about a difficult situation she had going on at home. She felt so comfortable with Adam and in his space. The day she was ready to head back to Kentucky, he gave her a key to his apartment and told her to just come back, whenever, and he'd be waiting for her. Their friends call it an "emo Nicholas Sparks novel!" 😂 (Nicholas Sparks wrote the book, "The Notebook" by the way!)

Adam is Kayla's best friend. They're so comfortable around each other. Kayla said there's nothing she can't talk to him about. They share a passion for cats and rescuing them. She said he's a great cat dad! They decided to get married through conversation. Kayla joked about proposing to Adam with a donut from a local bakery. They ended up later setting a date and rolling with it. Adam picked a ring out for her as a birthday present. They decided to get each other new rings once a year until they get married!

They both lived in New Jersey for a while. Adam and Kayla decided to move to Ketucky. They wanted to be closer to her family and believe that it's more affordable than living in New Jersey. They have both been heavily involved with kitten rescue there, which is justtttt the sweetest thing. 🥺

Kayla & Adam

Thank you guys being my friends! I wish you weren't so far away and we could connect more. I miss seeing you two on Instagram! I hope you two are having the BEST life over in Kentucky!!! I'd love to see you guys again if you visit dirty Jersey. 😏 Wishing you both and the kitties the best! Love you! xoxox



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