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Art on the Avenue – Take Two

I participated in this year’s Art on the Avenue for the second time, which is an art show where artists can sell their work, win awards, and get the chance to expose their artwork to an audience that may not have otherwise seen it.

It was a great day; the weather was much better than last year’s, but it was a bit too hot and sunny. People walk by with their families as they normally would on weekends, and others come to visit the event. A bunch of my friends came out to support me, review my work, and even bought some pieces! It was extremely sweet of them. One of my pieces was even nominated to the winner’s circle! Unfortunately, I did not win anything. The interesting part about that, was the piece that was selected was one that I displayed last year as well, and it went by unnoticed by the judges.

I tried a different approach this year, by making my work available in different sizes and price ranges. Even though the weather was great, my friends visited, and I was nominated for possibly getting an award, I was no more successful in selling artwork this year than I was last year. The event itself does not seem extremely successful hearing the feedback from other artists. It can be very stressful, some of which I do to myself, to prepare for the event. I believe that I will not do the event in the future. It is nice to get exposure, but it seems like a tremendous amount of work, and a lot to be left over with. I may have done better with jewelry. Hm, that’s a thought…

Take a look at my work in the show below!


My darling husband stood outside and tried to be my salesman again this year, and he got beat up by the sun. That’s one way you can see love!

( I have since cut my hair. I may cut it again, who knows! =O )

More adventures to come!



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