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November 1st. What an absolutely gorgeous fall day. This is spoiling us! I am sitting here drinking pumpkin spiced latte from Starbucks (thanks, mum!) from my cute little camera mug (thanks, Lindz!) and I thought it would be fitting to share more about my boot image from my about me page.

I took this image one year when my husband and I were on our annual autumnal vacation (some pictures from this year soon!). This was during my new monogram obsession. I do love me a good monogram, but I don't see them as often as I want to. I got these boots embroidered off of Etsy and loved them so much, I wore the bottoms flat. This image seemed like such a great combination of camping elements; lace up boots for fall and chilly weather, campfire for cooking food, a picnic table to eat at nearby, lots of lovely lush greens, and that bright sunlight peeking over our yurt, not to mention my hunky husband cooking in the background.

The great thing about the advancement in photography technology is that it really allows people to create great works solely based on post-production. This can be good if you're not that great at shooting, and bad if you're a professional looking to stand out. I'm was initially completely resistant to learning digital photography because I believe that it made people lazy. It was a requirement in college, so I learned it. I never knew how much I would use it later in life. I sometimes wonder that if this were still a film world, if I probably wouldn't have made as much progress as I have, or if I'd be working harder to get there.

Here is the image straight out of the camera. I did some overall lightening, as well as dodging and burning to even out that harsh sunlight. I've always leaned more towards light and soft images.

Enjoy the beginning of your November!



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