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I took so many pictures over our anniversary vacation! Here are some of the campground where we stayed for a few days. We stayed in a yurt, the first time we ever saw one. It was awesome! There were barely any people around, so everything was calm and quiet. We had campfires all the time. We enjoyed fire-cooked meals which is something you can’t beat, compliments of the husband! I do love hot dogs, and toasted marshmallows are always a favorite! I really liked having fires in the morning and afternoon, not just at nighttime. There was a bench outside for us as well!

We really loved staying here. It was an adorable little yurt and very neat inside. There was a heating and cooling unit, mini-fridge, microwave, fold-out couch, two lamps, and a table with two chairs. There were lots of bugs, of course, but they were very friendly. The ants wanted to keep us (and our food) company. I saw an interesting little green critter by the door that I have never seen before. There were also a ton of falling acorns! They fell on the roof of the yurt continuously and were very loud. The first morning I was awoken by them, thinking a kid was throwing things at the yurt as a goof. We must’ve seen hundreds fall down during our stay. I had no idea there were so many! We also tried cooking them, but that didn’t go as well as the marshmallows did!




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