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Central Park, NYC Engagement Session | Austin & Aaron

Their Session: My husband and I ventured over to NYC. We met up with Austin and Aaron early one warm summer morning at the Bethesda fountain and terrace in Central Park. They were both so well dressed in grey and purple suits that complimented each other nicely. We toured around the park for a while as we got to know each other. As temperatures rose, Austin and Aaron changed into more casual outfits which was defffff more fitting for skipping around! Did you know they have public restrooms right by the fountain?! I'd love to share some of my favorite photos from their Central Park engagement session, but first, more about their story!

How They Met: Austin and Aaron met online on a website called Match, which is a dating site. Aaron said that there was something about Austin that caught his eye as soon as he came across his profile. A few days after they started talking, they met for first time and went out on a date at a Mexican restaurant. Aaron shared that he’s super shy and he was awkward around Austin, but not awkward enough, because these two babes are getting married!!!

Their Engagement: Austin and Aaron's engagement story is a mini roller coaster! Here's what Aaron shared; "Austin and I had talked about marriage, and it was both something we wanted to do, we were both on the same page about it... or so I thought. Sometime in either December or January, Austin and I are talking and he says to me he doesn't want to get married. He did that because he thought I was on his trail and figuring out he was planning on proposing (but I had no idea lol) He kept the charade up for a few months before finally proposing, and when he did I was so surprised and so happy. (I think he got the idea from Friends) The day he proposed we were spending a long weekend in DC and planning on having a really nice dinner at a fancy restaurant that night (the dress code was casual elegant). We both got dressed up in a suit and tie and walked to the Lincoln Memorial to watch the sunset. We then walked to the front of the monument and sat down on the steps facing the capital, while we were siting there Austin asked me if i had any dreams for our future and what they were. I said that even though he may not want to get married I hope we do someday and I hope we get a house and start a family and are able to travel more. He said he didn't know what the future holds but maybe he can start to make some of my dreams come true. He pulled out the ring and asked if I would marry him." EEEKK I love that Austin wanted to surprise Aaron so badly!

Their Love: Aaron would describe Austin as childish, fun, and thoughtful. Austin spent a month in China learning about panda conservation and works as a pilot. Aaron said that no matter what the two of them do together, even if it’s the most mundane thing, it’s always fun! That’s just goals right there!!! He starting falling in love with Austin not too long after they started dating. The more they got acquainted, the more they realized that they wanted similar things in life. Aaron shared that since passing the awkward stages of meeting someone new, Austin is super easy to talk to about anything. Aaron shared that he overthinks things, but his babe makes sure he feels loved and cared for regardless of any crazy thought that goes through his head!

Austin says that Aaron is curious, reliable, and adventurous. He really loves cows and wants to have a pet cow one day! They currently have two bunnies named Berlin and Buttercup. Since both of their names start with the letter A, I encouraged them to get two dogs and name them with C names. That way, their cute little family will be ABC!

Aaron’s favorite hobby is skiing in the winter. They enjoy traveling, exploring new places, and hiking. They’re both into coffee and never start a day without it (MY KINDA PEEPS!!! ). They love watching movies together over a bottle of wine. Austin and Aaron are also into brunch! Seriously, breakfast food at not breakfast time is my love language. Austin’s favorite quality about Aaron is how his smile can light up a whole room. He just feels so happy every time he sees it!

What they love about each other is having someone who is always there and that they can come home to. Someone that’s always by their side, even when times get tough. A partner to go on adventures with. A person to start every day with. Austin and Aaron love to have a nice relaxing time as their perfect day together. Sleeping in, snuggling, getting up and having coffee; definitely with your on that one! Since they can get super busy with life and work, they sometimes enjoy having a nice lazy day at home or walking in the park in nice weather. One of the restaurants they visit the most is Veggie Heaven. Aaron is vegan like me! New bestie!!?!?

Austin & Aaron: I loved getting to know you both and venturing around Central Park with you. Thank you so much for letting me capture your engagement session together and running around in suits in the summer with me! I think both of you are so cute and beautiful together and I can't wait to see you guys again! And your bunnies hopefully! And doggos?!?!?!?! =]



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