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This year for Christmas I was apart from my parents for the first time in my life! Instead of feeling sad, I still wanted to have fun. I brought my camera along and snapped some images when my husband and I went to see his family. The fireplace was lit in their house for the first time since I've known them. It was so nice! Also, the pup, Scruffy, seemed so excited to see us! She usually ignores us, so I was delighted so see a happy pup in a sweater greeting me at the door!

For some reason, my husband decided to wear multiples of everything (ties, watches, suspenders), so I felt obligated to join in (scarves, necklaces, headbands, socks). Please enjoy some Christmas overload below!

Apparently it's a bit of a challenge to get baby Joseph to smile on camera. With diligence, we got him! He is usually a fussy little guy, but thankfully that day he seemed to be an angel. Sorry (not really) that I almost fell asleep during "It's a Wonderful Life" and thank you for the spiced pecans.

My family will get together in January to celebrate our own Christmas. There will hopefully be a total of FOUR doggos there, and I'm PUMPED! I love my parents so much and as time goes by, you figure out how cool they really are. Coming up soon is New Years and my husband's birthday (January 2nd). Just excuse after excuse for inhaling food!



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