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Cooper River Park, Collingswood, NJ Engagement Session | Elizabeth & Rob

Their Session: We met on a blazing hot summer afternoon at Cooper River Park in Collingswood, NJ. Elizabeth surely impressed with a dress that she made with her own two hands!! Rob’s outfit complimented her fairytale attire and they brought their sweet lovable fluffy cloud of a pup with them. I can’t wait to share photographs from their engagement session, but first, here’s their love story!

How They Met: Elizabeth and Rob met through mutual friends on Facebook! They went on their first date together in 2010 at Dredge Harbor, a little breakfast spot they still enjoy visiting. By luck, they ran into Rob’s grandma at the restaurant who was out with some of her friends! Even if it was a bit weird, they both wanted to see each other again. Fast forward, and they are now engaged and have a beautiful dog named Enzo! Elizabeth started a fashion design business, made her own dress for their engagement session, and planned to make her own wedding dress too!!! She also learned how to cook and said that Rob learned to enjoy it!

The Proposal: I love the story of how Rob proposed! Elizabeth shared, “It was December 24th, 2019, on Christmas Eve, my favorite holiday. My family had gathered as usual and apparently they were all in it! So after a nice dinner we gathered around the tree to open gifts, he handed me one and after I opened it he said there was one more. Of course there comes Enzo running over the gifts all excited because he loves to find presents too, and he was wearing a collar with about 5 tiny boxes hanging from it. So here we are trying to take them off one by one while Enzo tried to run off! I was so distracted by it that I didn't realize until I turned around that Rob was down on one knee asking me if I would marry him in SPANISH! It was amazing and one of the happiest moments in our relationship, I still smile every time. So after 9 years of dating, surrounded by family and friends, Rob finally asked and I said YES!” So proud of Rob for including their pup in the mix and for learning some Spanish to woo his woman!

Their Love: Elizabeth loves that they're complete opposites. She said she feels like they balance each other out, even if they fight. If she’s ever upset, all Rob has to do is give her a big ol’ hug and everything just fades away. He is Elizabeth’s favorite person and they’re so excited to see where life takes them! She said that Rob has always been sweet, easy going, and respectful towards her and her family. He respected and appreciated her culture and wanted to be apart of her world and bring her into his life immediately! She said she appreciated his honesty and transparency from the beginning. Elizabeth says that even after all these years, it hasn’t changed!

Rob calls Elizabeth his “safe place.” He said that when he has stressful days at work or health concerns, he loves coming home to her, whether holding her in his arms or cuddling together. When I asked what made Rob fall in love with his fiancé, he shared that he fell for her spiciness. He said that when she has her guard down, you can clearly see how caring she is for other people. Even though she may not always be able to speak her mind, Rob says that you can see what a genuine heart she has through her actions.

A perfect date night for these two would be enjoying some yummy food accompanied by a bottle of wine for Elizabeth and whiskey or beer for Rob, listening to their dog Enzo snoring away while they cuddle up and watch a whole season of a show in one night!

Elizabeth & Rob: I love seeing you two self-described opposites together! The best things in life are often the most unlikely! I can’t wait to join you on your wedding day with your pup Enzo and your handmade gown! Thanks for falling out of a tree for me!



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