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A while ago, I shared a look into the earrings section of my Woodlands Collection on Etsy in a post here. I was a bit shy about dropping the shop name since it was so new. I've had it for a while and although it wasn't as popular as I had hoped, I am still pretty proud of it. I ended up adding the link to my website's navigation bar. I decided to name my shop "Luna & Flynn" because of my love for the moon. I thought the name Flynn was a great name, inspired by my friend Lindsey's hedgehog!

Here is a screenshot of the top of my storefront. The header and icon were digitally drawn by a super talented, hilarious, and generous friend of mine, Brian Burak. The car on the left is my car! He drew a Volkswagen New Beetle! The rest is a nature scene that I mentioned I would love, complete with a gorgeous moon and an adorable hedgehog. The icon is my favorite; the hedgehog admiring the moon. I feel like these drawings are so completely unique and original. I am always impressed by Brian and often say that I hate him due to his casual expression dripping of massive natural talent. I was so proud that I added his name to the bottom right corner because I totally think he should get credit for this!!

I had a large amount of simple jewelry in different color options in terms of chain and stone color. I put together a nice set including everything like the wood planks, flowers, and tools. I took a while to style it to make it feel like there were a number of different elements to it. I made minor variations during this shoot to save time. Here are some images to give you an idea of what my products are and to show the set.

I loved doing this set. It was so much fun and I did everything completely by myself in the studio that I work at, Digi-Chrome Studios. It is such a well-equipped and well-propped studio! The set up was like a dream come true! This is where I started experimenting with lighting. For my personal photography like portraiture and abstract images, I love to shoot very light and in an almost pastel color palette. For my jewelry, I wanted everything to have more contrast and to be dramatic. While the outcome in this case wasn't quite what I had visually in mind, I thought it was great.

Moving forward, I want to try and individualize the shoot for each product and go darker in terms of photography. It's almost like I'm fighting my instincts to not have everything be light! This is where I may trip sometimes in the process, but I think it's important to be able to develop different styles, as one thing may not work for everything or everyone.

I have more to share about my Etsy shop later!



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