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Exploring Jersey

My husband and I went exploring recently. He wanted to find a great seemingly-deserted area to trying and film clips for a video project that he had in mind. We saw some unused sets of train tracks, which I am always perplexed by. When do people just decide to stop using them? I supposed those tracks were more for transporting goods and coal, as opposed to people for transit. Now we transport a lot of things on trucks and even planes and don't rely on trains as much anymore (sad =[ ).

I was excited to see some bowls of cat food and water that people were leaving for stray cats. I was hoping to see some cute little vicious cats around, but I did not.

I've always wanted to see overgrown railroad tracks, and now I finally have! I just love seeing how time overtakes places that were once so popular and booming. I always felt like I was born in the wrong era. I could envision myself in society that has less to distract itself with.

More exploration images coming soon!



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