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Fall favorites and Friends

Fall is absolutely my favorite season. I love so many things about it; the temperatures, the beautiful colors, the smells, campfires, roasting marshmallows, going for nice walks, cute outfits, and pumpkin everything! (As I’m writing this, I am currently drinking pumpkin flavored coffee, wearing pumpkin flavored lip balm, and just got pumpkin yogurt out of the fridge!) One of my friends and I wanted to document a few of the things about fall that we love before all of the leaves fell off of the trees and the temperatures plummeted.

This is Lindsey. She is one of the very few people that can understand my sarcastic sense of humor. We met working in the same industry a few years ago. We instantly clicked. Like all friendships, we have gone through ups and downs. But recently, we’ve been going through ups!

Friendship can be a beautiful thing if both people are willing to work at it. Real friends will support you when they see you achieving success, and not take it as a personal challenge to try and outshine or defeat you. They will not try to undermine you, or trample you in the way of achieving success themselves. They will consider your feelings, and not just pretend that they do. They will not hurt you to get what they want. Friends are not sore losers. They won’t hide things from you because they are too afraid to talk to you, or go behind your back. Friends accept you for who you are, and they can be themselves with you. They will not pretend with you, pretend they are a different person, or that they are living a different life, full of only things you would approve of. They will give, and not just constantly take. Friends do not just spend time with you only when they can get something from you. Friendships that are out of convenience or boredom are not friendships at all. They will be nice to you, even if other people aren’t watching. They will stand up for you even when you aren’t there to defend yourself, and didn’t even know about it. A friend loves you even if things aren’t going their way. Even if you aren’t talking. Friendship is raw; unrefined, unpolished, unpresented, natural. Some people appear to be good friends, but they don’t know what friendship truly consists of.

So in the good and real friends versus the bad and pretend friends categories, I would definitely put Lindsey in the good and real section. And good and real friends, are definitely, very hard to find, but they do exist. If it weren’t for all of those awful people that have come and gone pretending to care and be good friends, we’d never know what good friendship even was.

So we set foot in the great outdoors and tested the waters (literally, and somehow I didn’t fall in) on such a beautiful autumn day. The setting was so beautiful and peaceful. And I got to do what I love, which is enjoying photography and spending time with great company!




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