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Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ Engagement Session | Maneha & Waqas

Their Session: Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ Engagement Session

These two are so cute together! They're like little kids when they laugh and joke around with each other. They came out for their engagement session despite a chance of rain, and while we did get caught in a little drizzle, the sky opened back up for us and they were totally unphased.

They were just happy to have an excuse to have some fun and let loose a little!

As we ventured around Grounds for Sculpture together and got to know each other. Waqas shared with me that an apple can give you as much of a natural energy boost as a cup of coffee without the crash. While I am personally going to stick to my large vanilla soy latte this fall, I always love learning new things from my couples during these sessions.

I am so grateful to be a part of this adorable couple’s wedding journey, and I am thrilled to share this album with you. Meneha’s pink dress was a stunning contrast against the greenery and rich forest colors. Then as for Waqas, in the words of F. Scott Fitzgerald from the Great Gatsby, “He looked at her the way all girls want to be looked at.” Their love can be truly felt through these photos.

How They Met

Maneha & Waqas met through a mutual friend who was visiting Philly (now that’s a friend you want to have in your corner!). They then connected again at a music festival in Brooklyn a few days later and spend the night talking for hours on a romantic rooftop.

Maneha says that she noticed some of his cool dance moves *wink* and Waqas said that he loved how caring and responsible she was with her friends, even when she was out partying. Which is very her, Maneha can be described as organized and put together as an HR professional, but she has a comforting and calm demeanor and is very nurturing to her loved ones.

With Waqas being a physician and more “intense,” they provide the perfect balance for each other that has led to a rock-solid relationship built on trust, understanding, and everlasting love.

Maneha says that she just felt a “natural connection as soon as we started talking and everything felt so easy and calm when we vibed,” and Waqas said that he loved the “freshness and new perspective she brought into my life.”

The Proposal

Maneha & Waqas got engaged during the peak of Covid after months of talking about how they wanted to share their future together. It was a small gathering with our close family members where they exchange the rings they had bought together. Afterward, they had an intimate dinner and celebration.

Sweet and romantic just like this couple! Also, you are definitely going to want to check out their rings in this album. Maneha’s diamond radiantly sparkled in the drizzly, overcast weather, and Waqas’ gold ring is so incredibly unique. These two have some exceptionally good taste in jewelry.

Their Love

What I love so much about this couple is that simply being together is an entire event in itself. If she had it her way she would spend a date night hanging out on their balcony at home. Whereas Waqas says he would be perfectly happy just vibing to good music together in the car.

They are both fans of getting outside for nature walks and catching the sunset, and after my session with these two, I totally understood why. When they are together it’s as if they are in their own world. Laughing, dancing, talking, with the occasional sweet kiss that is only shared between soulmates. That’s the kind of love that needs no distraction, and nature allows them the time and space to connect.

Maneha & Waqas

Maneha & Waqas are tying the knot on September 3rd, 2022 because they both LOVE the New Jersey September weather (don’t we all!). They also liked that it fell on a long weekend so that all of their closest friends and family can fly out and attend.

I have the greatest pleasure of also shooting their wedding day, so if you love this couple as much as I do, make sure you come back to the blog to experience their wedding album!

In the meantime, join me in celebrating Maneha & Waqas Grounds For Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ engagement session.

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