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Hackettstown, NJ Intimate Backyard Wedding Ceremony | Alyx & Tom

Their Wedding: Hackettstown, NJ

Alyx and Tom faced the challenge that countless numbers of couples did; do we postpone our wedding because of the pandemic or make changes to still get married? Their answer? Yes! They decided to have close friends and family members join them on their original date in an intimate backyard wedding ceremony. You may remember these cuties from their couples session celebrating the adoption of their puppy Cubby! You can check out that session here!

I was so excited to join them on their day and was happy that they decided to keep their date! Just as their wedding ceremony started, it started pouring rain. While many consider it unfavorable, it's said that rain on wedding days brings good luck! I'd say it does, as Tom and Alyx are now the proud parents of a happy healthy beautiful baby girl who joined them several months later! Rain is such a good reason to invest in clear umbrellas! I have about a dozen that I keep in the trunk of my car at all times. Alyx had bought some as well. We put them to use and watched Tom and Alyx exchange vows and commit their lives together, despite the weather and the pandemic. Shortly after their ceremony, the clouds cleared and we were able to get some family and couples pictures before everyone enjoyed food and partied the night away! I absolutely adored their day and can't wait to share some of my favorite images from their intimate wedding ceremony, but first, more about their love!

How They Met: Tom shared that he met Alyx at a bar. He thought they were both there at the same birthday party, but they weren't. They were introduced by a mutual friend who knew that they were both single. Tom said that he was playing hard to get and ended up ignoring her for most of the day! He also forgot to get her number! He did end up adding her on Snapchat. Alyx ended up messaging him a few weeks later trying to figure out who he was! They realized they were both going to a Giants game later that day and decided to meet up together beforehand to pre-game. They ended up ditching the game to head into NYC and watch it together. Tom said that Alyx scalped his ticket but he believes the statute of limitations is running out on that! He said that even though he sadly missed being there in person with his beloved Giants, he wouldn't trade it for the world! He said he was blessed with the girl of his dreams! WHAT A SWEETHEART!

The Proposal: Here's what Alyx had to say about the day they decided on forever together! "Just like the day we met, it was another ordinary day. Now, everyone says you might have a clue because your significant other may act weird the day they propose, but I noticed 0 signs. Tommy’s also not much of a planner, so truthfully, I’m not so sure he even knew he was proposing. We went back and forth all day contemplating if we would go out to eat or not. To my understanding, we weren’t going anywhere. I walked in the door in workout apparel and 3 day old unwashed hair (sorry mom) and he casually mentions he has something for me downstairs. The next day was my birthday so I assumed it was for that. I walk down and see a seltzer and respond, 'Oh thanks, this looks good.' He chuckles as that clearly was not the present (and in fact, wasn't for me at all). Now, he shows me a blanket draped on the floor and tells me my present is under there. Just as I turn to pick up the 'just because' flowers that were underneath on this ordinary Thursday night, I turn around and see he is down on his knee. I hear 'the flowers are because it’s Thursday and this is because I love you.' After that point on, I was shaking and in a state of shock for 24-48 hours and slept for 3 hours that night. I respond with immense tears (what Tom claims were unhappy tears) and a knee jerk reaction of 'oh my God, what?! No. I look so ugly I am in workout clothes! Do you mean it?' Turns out, he meant it! We then spent countless time FaceTiming and texting our family and friends to share the news. My parents were asked 3 weeks before while I was at work, to which I responded with, 'I can’t believe you all tricked me.' We ended the night with celebratory drinks with my mom and continued the celebrations all weekend long with family and friends! It couldn’t have been a more intimate, special moment in our home." Sooooo cute! I love the part where Tom says, "the flowers are because it's Thursday, and this is because I love you" as he PROPOSED!!!

Alyx & Tom: I loved getting to know you both and grow as friends throughout this beautiful time of your lives! I was so happy to celebrate the addition of your sweet pup Cubby to your family, and I'm thrilled you have a precious baby girl named Delaney who joined you in late February! I can't wait to meet her and celebrate with you, your friends, and family again on your wedding day! Big hugs to you both, sweet Cubby, and darling Laney!