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Hoboken, NJ Engagement Session | Tasha & Rich

couple with puppy near the NYC skyline

Their Session: Hoboken, NJ

You GUYS! I am not kidding you, it’s like this couple walked right out of a Hallmark movie. This entire session I was gushing over this authentically sweet modern fairytale romance that completely stole my and Jason’s hearts. The 5 of us -- bride, groom, the crew, and the couple’s pup, Winkie, all spent a crisp fall afternoon in Hoboken, New Jersey captivating their engagement. Today, I get to share with you their beautiful love story while we anxiously await their nuptials coming up this weekend! They seriously have an engagement story Hallmark would be proud of.

How They Met

Tasha and Rich’s story began over 10 years ago when they both worked at a pizza parlor. Tasha was the vibrant, bubbly phone girl and Rich was the studly blue-eyed delivery boy. Tasha says that she was instantly attracted and thought Rich to be very dreamy. They would chat and eventually cultivate a strong friendship during those days in that first job.

You see Tasha had dreams of working in the fashion world (I told you, they could not BE more Hallmark), and Rich aspired to work in architecture. Rich says he’s always been attracted to Tasha’s passion and drive to achieve anything she puts her mind to. Over the course of 10 years, they built a life while also building a relationship that would withstand the test of time.

The Proposal

Then on New Year’s Eve of 2020, right after midnight, Rich asked Tasha to marry him. After having extensive conversations about it, and making a clear decision together, Rich still found a way to make the moment a surprise. Like I said, a modern love story for the ages. We love a man who can bring on the romance!

Their Love

Tasha says that she knew he was the one for her when she felt like she could be completely and utterly herself with him. She fell for his unconditional love & loyalty and said that he feels like home. (I’m not crying, YOU’RE crying!)

Rich chose a solitaire, round-cut diamond with a studded band, and that ring sparkled like none other during our fall Hoboken engagement shoot. Especially in the photos by the water. The weather was just overcast enough and it made Tasha’s ring and smile shine.

Obviously, you can tell now why this is an engagement story Hallmark would be proud of, but I haven’t even told you the half of it! Tasha and Rich just have the sweetest relationship and life together. They love their little fur baby, Winkie, who as I said made a special appearance for our engagement shoot. However, New Jersey in the fall can be a bit chilly and Winkie was not a fan. Being the diligent parents they are, Tasha and Rich had a friend come get Winkie so that he could go home and cuddle on their Lovesak while we finished the shoot.

Even with the chill though, there could not have been a more perfect day for this engagement shoot. Tasha and Rich both LOVE the fall and they were so happy to get to captivate their moment amongst the Hoboken cityscape and dance amongst the vibrant colors of the changing leaves. You’ll see for yourself in these photos that their love was so palpable. They definitely made my job easy.

Meant to Be!?

Now, if Tasha and Rich are a real-life walking Hallmark movie, then Jason and I are definitely supporting characters. Jason, Tasha, and I actually all went to the same high school together! Tasha was a grade above us and everyone knew her for being such a sweetheart. Me and her were both on the bowling team together (don't judge, bowling is cool!), and while we weren't too confident in our bowling talents, the lack of females on the team led to Tasha being the Captain and me being on Varsity! That fact is still so surprising to me considering I had an average of 70-something… they must have been really desperate. Despite my consistent gutter balls, I'm so freakin' honored that Tasha would remember me and choose us to help document their love story!

I mean, can we just get a Hallmark producer on the phone here? I think we have a Blockbuster on our hands! The video that Jason made can even act as the trailer, check it out here:

Tasha & Rich

We’re so honored to connect after all this time and get the opportunity to know you better, document your love story, and go bowling with you! Jason and I are SO excited to see you two and celebrate your two-day wedding event to top off the summer! Give Winkie kisses for us! 😘 See you on the dance floor! xoxo

Make sure you catch the wedding season finale of Tasha and Rich’s love story when they get married 8/12/22!

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