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In-home Engagement Session in NYC, NY | Lianna & Alex

redhead couple sitting at window in NYC

Their Session: In-home Apartment Engagement Session, Manhattan, New York City, New York

Jason and I were invited into Lianna and Alex's lovely New York City apartment for their in-home engagement session. We were so excited to meet them, get to know them better, and spend time with them and their precious pup! It's so exciting to see people in their own element and there's a level of comfort that an outdoor park just can't bring out in folks. We're so excited to share some of our favorite photos and their engagement session video, but first, here's more about their love story!

How They Met

Lianna and Alex grew up in the same co-op in uptown Manhattan, so they can't pinpoint the exact time that they met. They were both really young and shared the same space without being friends. They ended up reconnecting and getting close about 10 years ago. How crazy is it to grow up so close to your soul mate?! This seems like the perfect setting for a romantic comedy!!! I can think of the title now; Meant to Be in Manhattan.

The Proposal

When asked about how they decided to get married, here's what Lianna shared, "We had discussed it for some time - he knew I was ready and he took a few months to get to where I was. He knew I wanted to get engaged before summer '22 and apparently I had mentioned a specific spot in Central Park that would be a great place to propose. On April 9th '22 he proposed there. I definitely knew it was coming but I liked that bc I'm a planner." How awesome is it to have a location like Central Park at your fingertips to create such a memorable life event?! That is so sweet! That is DEFINITELY how their rom-com would have it!

Their Love

Lianna loves Alex’s sense of humor. She enjoys being able to be super embarrassing and weird with Alex but never having to think twice about it. Lianna shared that she started to feel really balanced once she was with him. Alex had the things she didn’t, and she had the things he didn’t have; together they’re perfect. 🥺 Everything else in Lianna’s life fell into place once she and Alex got together. Honorable mention: Lianna is passionate about her new Stanley tumbler, but it can't hold a candle to Alex!

Alex also adores Lianna’s sense of humor. He finds joy never feeling judged by her. Lianna makes him feel as comfortable as possible, feeling however he wants to. Alex realized he was falling in love with her when he saw how they were both very goofy and silly. They were so different but they complimented each other so well!

Lianna and Alex love spending time at home with their sweet senior pup named Keita. Keita is Lianna’s first dog. Like 😭😭😭 A perfect Saturday for Sunday for them would be a nice slow relaxing day at home. After walking the dog together, maybe ordering in some dinner and watching a show like The Office or Dexter. They’re proud homebodies and after sharing time with them in their clean and cozy apartment with a beautiful view, we can see why! Honorable mentions: they also have a doorman in the front of their building, a real plant wall with watering system in their lobby, and a cute cafe a block or two away! It seems like their own littles slice of heaven, and I'd never want to stay out too long either!

Lianna & Alex

Thank you so much for working with us and allowing us into your home! We're honored to be able to meet Keita and it was so incredibly sweet to incorporate her in your engagement session. 🥺 We're so glad to have met you and spend time with you and we're super excited for your upcoming wedding day! Give Keita some kisses and pets from us! We can't wait to keep filming your rom-com!

Here's Lianna & Alex's highlight video and what Jason had to say about their session!

This in home session in NYC was lovely. Lianna and Alex wanted to do a more casual and intimate shoot with Jessah and I. The view from their apartment was interesting with the skyline all filled with the beautiful city buildings. As we made ourselves at home together and started choosing different places to shoot, Lianna and Alex seemed to start to enjoy the session.

We did some shooting with their dog, and then moved to their kitchen. We figured out some posses together, as we laughed and talked throughout the session. Lianna and Alex were laughing and talking amongst themselves, and you could see they get along well together.

Soon they were rolling around on their bed as Jessah and I were having fun shooting with them. They had a cute countdown screen for their wedding day, which is coming up soon. We hope to have fun with them at their wedding day, as we hope to with all our couples.

Love was there, was it perfect? You'll just have to watch the video and you...have to choose.




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