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Recently, one of my musical loves married her best friend in an intimate ceremony at her home. I love Miley's story and how it parallels her parents; it reminded me of my story.

Her parents, Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus, got married in their living room on December 28th surrounded by a few of their loved ones. Trish was 26. Over two decades later, Miley and Liam got married in their living room surrounded by a few of their loved ones on December 23rd. She is 26 years old.

My parents got married just the two of them. While their parents weren't there, they knew about the ceremony. My husband and I got married with just the two of us. Our parents knew, although they weren't there at the time. My parents were together for about 6 years when they got married, and they went out of state to do so. My husband and I married on our 6 year anniversary and also went out of state. My parents and I both have photographs from the day outside of the place in which we got married.

I always knew about my parents' marriage day. I ended up un-purposefully following in their footsteps. Family had some influence in their choice, as my mom's mother was growing more ill at the time. Family had some influence in my choice as well, but not because of physical ailments. My husband and I thought it would be healthiest and safest if it were just the two of us. We had other priorities in mind at the time than to add the stress and financial burden of wedding expenses. For us, it didn't feel right to have a big hoopla. We were so focused on each other, that the opinions of most others had no bearing.

& like Tish Cyrus, I also wouldn't change a thing!



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