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In the spirit of my new website, here are some more tidbits of info.

These images were taken by a great friend and painter, Brian Burak. I used the last one on my about me page. My husband and I went to his lovely girlfriend's studio at the beginning of our annual autumnal vacation.

His girlfriend's name is Casi Rodriguez and she is the co-owner of a studio named Colour & Whim in Glen Rock, New Jersey along with her friend Jesse Fritzsch. They are both extremely talented artists and we had the pleasure of working with them in an oil painting class for beginners.

My husband and I have been on quite a Bob Ross kick lately. If we had the room, we would definitely want to set up some easels and work on our landscape abilities (or lack thereof!).

What I love about Colour & Whim; they offer a multitude of classes including oil painting, watercolor painting, drawing, dream catcher making, calligraphy, and more! There are so many classes I want to take. They are also local artists themselves, and support the promotion and sale of other local artists' work. They took their time with us and we never felt rushed or judged. I would definitely recommend them. I think what they are doing is great; offering classes to teach art skills without having to go back to school, because who has time for more school?!

They drew branches for us on our canvases to paint and connected them. How cute is that? When we put our paintings next to each other, they are the same tree. I love that! We have the paintings up for display in our kitchen.

The studio is a quaint spot that they decorated themselves, which is the most charming part about it. It's in such a safe and casual neighborhood. They have artwork for display and sale in the front of the studio. The building is right near both the Main Line and Boro Hall train stops. Super easy to get to, but also plenty of parking nearby for drivers. There is a Starbucks up the street. Can you say "perfect date night?!"



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