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NJ Branding Session | Truffalla - Modern Cake Art

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During our years in the creative and wedding industries, we've come across many talented artists. Jason and I fell in love with a woman named Alla, her talents, creativity, and passion towards making cakes for weddings and events. We first met her at a styled shoot and have been fans of her ever since! Recently, we met up again to create some content for her business Tuffalla and had such a great time getting to know her more and learn more about her processes. I can't wait to share some photos and Jason's highlight video from our time together, but first, here is more about Alla and her business!

Alla told us all about her journey of falling in love with cakes. "I ran my catering business when I lived in the Republic of Georgia. It was a very successful business. I used to work in Provence, France where I fell in love with beautiful and delicious desserts. When I moved to the States, I had started from scratch, I used to work at the restaurants, but one day I switched to cakes, then it got me so hooked that I couldn't stop. I was fascinated primarily by creativity, I could carry out what I kept in my soul until a special occasion without much hope of implementation. For me, the process of decorating a cake is a ritual, it is meditation, it is an immersion in a special magical world, it is a very personal, I would say an intimate process. This is something that you cannot tell or explain to anyone. I value this very much." I believe art has so much to offer people and can be a great stress-reliever. Part of me wishes I had some involvement with art therapy because I think creative expression can be very helpful to our wellbeing. I find it amazing that some people are able to turn this aspect of their lives into a career!

Jason and I enjoyed taking a look into Alla's working space and seeing all of the tools that she uses to create edible art! When asked about finding inspiration, Alla shared, "I can find inspiration anywhere. But first of all, it's art, architecture, nature.... I have no idea how it works, but I think my mind works nonstop and sometimes it just clicks and I have to run to the kitchen and work work work." Jason asked Alla if she ever takes a step back from what she's working on and ends up changing it. She shared that she often creates and destroys several times until she feels like it's just right.

The cakes at Truffalla are definitely unique on the outside, but are they unique on the inside? Alla shared, "I do experiments all the time, it's so interesting to discover new flavors and tastes just adding or changing something in the recipe. Pretty often I don't use recipes at all, just putting everything together and bake it. Then when my husband or son or friends ask me to make the same something I made before, I can't make it because I have no idea how I made it last time! 😅" That's so funny considering I couldn't make a recipe for anything without having all of the exact measurements in front of me!!! It also seems like Alla's situation is one that experienced chefs and bakers could often find themselves in!

One of my favorite things about Alla and her cakes is that she is able to accommodate special allergy or dietary requests like gluten-free or vegan. Myself being vegan, I know that desserts I'm comfortable eating are nearly impossibly to find at an event, especially weddings! Knowing that she's able to consider what people need in terms of the inner contents of her creations is perfect!

"I put my soul into my cakes, every time my thoughts are somewhere far away from me until something clicks in my head and the image of the future cake appears, this process is strange and not entirely easy." Alla shared that she absoloutely LOVES what she's doing, saying every single cake that she makes is like her baby.

We're so thankful to know Alla and help her create content for her cake business Truffalla. She is absolutely so sweet and even made a cake of how she sees ME as a gift! Can you guess which cake it is out of the ones shown? If you can't there's a photo of me with it at the end! I'm completely blown away and honored to be the inspiration for a cake and be able to photograph it and have it with me forever!

You can check out Truffalla here;



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