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Our new Buddy!

It's been about a month since my parents invited me on a long drive down to a Pennsylvania dog breeder to get a new puppy. It was a day to remember with the cutest bunch o' puppies you've ever seen that were so excited to see you! I love friendly puppers! My parents picked two out of the litter to take outside the gates and get to know a little better.

Get ready for puppy spam!

They decided on the one with the aqua collar. He was the sweetest! He was such a good boy and so loving. My parents, despite my amazing contribution of gorgeous names (like Presley after our late Dalmatian named Elvis, and Romeo due to his sweet nature and heart-shaped spots) they chose Buddy! He seems to be growing so fast! He has come out of his shell more, but he still is a very good boy. He hardly sits still, so getting more photos might be a challenge!



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