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Picking out your details for your wedding Flat Lay.

We hope that by reading this blog you will have a chance to see some ideas from other Brides and Grooms, and be inspired. If you haven't already chosen what you would like for your wedding details, this post is for you. If you have your details, and you're interested in what a wedding flat lay could look like, this post is also for you.

We bring many accents to compliment your wedding details on your wedding day. Often the scissors, ribbons, keys, or dishes are items we hope will enhance what you provide. Brides often give their shoes, perfume, invitations, earrings, and rings.

This certainly doesn't limit what you can pick to have in your wedding details. Sometimes couples have family heirlooms, embroidered intimates, or other very thoughtful and personal items that can be included in a wedding flat lay. We've even seen Lego details for a wedding.

It's all welcome, and a good flat lay gives a cohesive start to your wedding day. When you look back on your photos and videos of your wedding day, you will have a chance to see the details you worked so hard on choosing.

A splash of color never hurt. In the case of Frecia and Brett, they personalized their invitation with a verse from Song of Solomon 3:4, "I have found the one whom my soul loves." As you can see in the pictures, they provided God's word to be in the flat lay. Anything that has special meaning to you can make it's way into your wedding flat lay. Just so long as we can fit it in frame!

We love to see a themed wedding. Jennifer and Thomas decided on a beach wedding in Asbury Park, NJ. The blue pastels match perfect with the soft whites. Nothing quite speaks of the ocean more than this flat lay. The Groom's details compliment lovely with the color palette.

A Groom's details often include watches, cuff links, shoes, and belts. Some couples also write their own vows, and vow books can be a lovely addition to a wedding flat lay.

We've also seen Grooms with custom flasks, cigars, custom handkerchiefs, guitars, and embroidered socks. Perhaps you have special gifts that you have given each other in the past, or on the day of your wedding. These would also be great to be featured in your wedding flat lay.

Of course while we're showing off some of these beautiful flat lays that we have been blessed with putting together, we have to show off some beautiful couples!

It definitely helps when you have beautiful people to compliment a beautiful wedding. In Jennifer and Thomas's wedding, we were on the beach shooting and it was a moody and windy day. The clouds reflecting the ocean gave such a perfect blue tinge to the sky.

It was just a tad bit cold, (understated), and Jennifer was visibly shivering at the alter during the ceremony. She was strong, but the wind was unbearable. I think most of us were cold that day outside, and it is beautiful to see people care about each other. One of their sons brought her shawl to her, and bundled her up.

Ok, hold back the teary-eyed emojis, let's jump back into flat lays. You'll have to read our posts about the weddings we do to learn more about the couples we work with.

Now let's flare it up a bit. We've seen some whites and pastels, but if you're going after some fall colors, then you're people after our own hearts.

Shea and Tyler picked a fall wedding color scheme, and it had Autumn written all over it. Some couples want their wedding to be at a specific time, (fall is very popular, and you'd be best booking things way in advance if you want a fall wedding). Other couples want their wedding to be at a specific location, (like the ocean). Even others want their wedding to have a specific vibe, (perhaps rustic).

There are endless small details that could be used. For those that love the details, a wedding is your play ground. It takes a lot of planning perhaps, but with some photos, and hopefully some video, you'll see the results of everything together.

It's not really what you pick, or what you do, it's about the love you put into it. It's also about who you do it for, and who you do it with.

Take a look at more examples below, and hopefully you find

some inspiration for your wedding day.