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This is a lovely morning. I just made myself a lazy latte. It’s a drink I make often (and named, I suppose) which contains about 20% coffee, and the rest is milk, usually soy in my case. I do have a handheld frother which I sometimes use. Yesterday I paired my lazy latte with some pizza for breakfast (a rare but magical meal!), and maybe today I will do the same.

Speaking of pizza, last weekend my husband and I surprisingly went into New York City (I’ve never really been a fan…). We went to the area he is most familiar with; Brooklyn. He has been working and commuting there by car for the past several years from New Jersey (I know, right?) but never really takes the time to explore outside of a car. It was a spur-of-the-moment decision. We should’ve brought tripods since it was getting late, but honestly, sometimes it’s more about spending time with each other and trying different things.

We found the entrance to the Brooklyn Heights Promenade and took some pictures of the skyline and surrounding lights, benches, and sculptures. We experimented with long exposures and extremely high ISO/film speed. It’s fun to just explore and not feel pressured to perform a certain way. My father told me when I was studying photography in high school, that if you get one good image from a roll of film, that’s good! That’s something I often remember. Sometimes it’s good to keep that in mind instead of trying to force things.

I love being able to share something that I am passionate about with my husband. It’s great that he can see my growth in photography and be able to recognize it, and I love seeing his growth in both photography and video (Steven Spielberg, watch out!).


It was getting dark and chilly by the water, so we got in the car, which was parked nearby. It seemed like a miracle to find a parking spot in the city, right on the street we were going to! I really wanted to try some Brooklyn pizza. All of the pizza places that my husband and I have tried in our town are so extremely disappointing. I am well aware that I have to venture elsewhere for some good slices. “What would be open now?” my husband asked. Well, with the trusty Yelp app and my phone’s location services, we were able to find a place within a few minutes; Dellarocco’s of Brooklyn. The first time we looked for it, we passed it by accident. It was so dimly-lit with no illuminated sign out front. We did a lap and we were able to find another parking spot in front of a broken fire hydrant (does this count?).

They didn’t have single slices available, so we ordered a small Margherita pizza since that is the type that one of my friends always gets in Jersey during lunch. We hung out in the car and this sweet girl that worked inside brought it out to us. How surprising is that! We shared the pizza, and I have to say, that must be the best pizza that I’ve ever had! Keeping in mind that I am from New Jersey, this may be common place in the city. I have had pizza in Chelsea before and it was good, but not to this level! This pizza had a thin crust and it wasn’t soggy or pouring out oil; just amazing. It was apparently brick oven pizza! I’ve been craving it ever since. We might just need to go back to Brooklyn to get some more!




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