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Plut's Christmas Tree Farm Proposal & Engagement Session | Nick & Tony

Their Session: Plut's Christmas Tree Farm in Long Valley, NJ

My husband and I ventured to a Christmas tree farm around 8 a.m. one autumn morning. That day, October 5th, was part of tagging weekend where people can pick out and buy the tree they want to take home later for Christmas! Tony had reached out to me to schedule a surprise proposal for his boyfriend Nick. He told me his plan of bringing Christmas decorations and "trying out" what the tree might look like. Then he would get down on one knee and pop the question! I was totally down for it! I didn't want to blow the cover so I pleaded with my sweet hubbie to join me and he did! I thought it might be too weird if I was one of the only other people around on the Christmas tree farm at that time, so my hubbie and I got there a bit early to browse the trees.

I put on my camera holster with two cameras under my winter coat (it was chilly that morning) to hopefully blend in and it worked! I was super excited but also a bit nervous that it'd be obvious why I was there! The farm was big enough where I don't think Nick suspected a thing! I chatted with my hubbie as we walked around and he criticized the trees. He desperately said he wanted to get a pitiful little tree that looked like it was dead. We joked if there would even be a charge for some of the tiny ones! We even goofed off and created a Christmas card! I'll pop that in at the bottom of the post!

With plenty of full and beautiful trees to pick from, Tony's plan was a success as he decorated a tree before getting down on one knee and asking Nick to marry him! Nick said yes! Tony then pointed over towards me with my camera and I loved Nick's reaction!

I ran over to them and kept snapping away. I was so impressed that Tony ALREADY had an engagement party planned for the two of them, and had invitations! He had even gotten a stocking embroidered with that day's date on it!!! I love how confident Tony was that he was making the right decision and that Nick was definitely going to say yes to spending the rest of their lives together! We spent some time after their proposal taking pictures for their engagement session at the Christmas tree farm! Nick and Tony were so adorable and comfortable with each other and I loved watching them laugh as we frolicked through the tree farm!

Nick & Tony: Congrats on your engagement! I was so excited to be there and I am beyond honored that I was able to document such a monumental moment in your lives! 🥰 I know that Christmas will have an extra special sentiment to you forever!

P.S. Here's the silly Christmas card that my hubby and I made from our day at the tree farm! (It's a photocopy so the pic is a little fuzzy!)



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