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Reeves-Reed Arboretum Wedding, Summit, NJ | Kelly & Joey

Their Wedding: Kelly & Joey's wedding at Reeves Reed Arboretum was on a warm autumn day (the best of both worlds!). Their families were thrilled to see them share their vows and start their journey as husband and wife right in front of them. I can't wait to share some goodness from their day, but first, more about their story!

The Proposal: I loved how Joey’s mother shared about their proposal story when she was the officiant at their ceremony. Joey planned to propose to Kelly when she got home from work one day in the living room. He asked her to go into the kitchen and get him a beer. She was irritated but he kept asking her. He planned to be down on one knee by the time she came back, but he fumbled and couldn’t pull it off in time! Kelly returned with the beer. Joey’s mom described her son as, “risking his life” asking her to return to the kitchen to get a bottle opener!!! He insisted! Although still annoyed, the loving Kelly returned with a bottle opener. This time, Joey was down on one knee and proposed!

Their Love: They love spending time with family or being home together. Kelly enjoys baking and Joey likes working out. They started an adventure to see every Major League Baseball Stadium and they’ve been to 8 so far! Joey says that Kelly is caring and selfless. He said that she made him a better person. Kelly says that Joey is super caring and supportive. She said he makes her smile every day. They love being together with each other because they’re best friends. Something they also share together is being vegan and cooking a lot at home. They are more than happy hanging out and relaxing at home.