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Sayen House and Gardens & Princeton, NJ Engagement Session | Saori & Connor

engaged male and female dancing in a park

Their Session: Small World Coffee, Princeton, NJ & Sayen House and Gardens, Hamilton Square, NJ Engagement Session

Saori and Connor wanted to start their engagement session at the place they met in person for the first time; Small World Coffee in Princeton! I absolutely LOVE that! They wanted to honor a place with sentimental value and Jason and I were so excited to join them! The owner of the coffee shop gladly let us hang out there and snap some photos. We then visited Sayen House and Gardens in Hamilton Square where we had a little more room to walk around. In between an outfit change and getting the most mosquito bites I've ever gotten 😂 we had fun getting to know each other, doing some dancing, and making memories between the four of us. To check out their engagement session video, head here! I can't wait to share some of my favorite photographs from their session, but first, here's some more about these lovebirds!

How They Met

Saori and Connor met on the dating app Tinder. They matched with each other and Connor sent Saori a message asking if one of the photos on her profile was at a local climbing gym Rockville. It was, and she asked how he knew. Connor said he had been there a few days before with a friend. But this is my favorite part; it turns out Saori and Connor were at Rockville AT THE SAME TIME and didn't even realize it!!! Talk about fate! 🥰 They soon started hanging out, climbing, and hiking together often!

The Proposal

They started falling in love when they realized they had similar views on life. Family and living life fully is super important to both of them. Neither Saori or Connor had ever had a connection like theirs before and they said it felt right!

Here is what they had to share about Connor's proposal! "We talked about marriage in the past and we both knew it would happen eventually but the actual engagement was a complete surprise. Saori did not see it coming at all!! And you can tell because she didn’t have her nails done 💅🏼 We got engaged on a trip to Jay Peak Ski Resort in northern Vermont. He took me up to the top of the mountain and proposed!! My brother was there to catch the whole thing in action!" They have both shared their proposal photos on their Instagram accounts and it's so sweet! I love how adventurous they are! I definitely wouldn't have seen a proposal coming either! They're so cute in their snowsuits!!!

Their Love

Saori loves how affectionate Connor is. He tells her he loves her any chance he gets and loves cuddling his babes. Connor also surprises her with flowers pretty often! She said she cries every time! 🥺 Her favorite thing is knowing she always has someone to lean on and a best friend by her side. Connor loves that Saori supports him unconditionally. He shared that she is thoughtful towards everyone that she loves. Connor said that her affection radiates in her words as well as her actions. He said he is forever grateful of her undying support, more than she will ever know! His favorite thing is the comfort of knowing that Saori is always there.

They have two cats named Bit and Nano, as well as a crested gecko named Nugget. Saori and Connor love hanging out on a mountain, at the beach, when going hiking, and spending time together at home. Their perfect weekend would be having an adventure on one day (maybe hiking), and relaxing on the other day (watching a movie and cuddling)!

Saori & Connor

I'm so glad you found and connected with us! We love living vicariously through how adventurous you two are! 😂 You inspire me to be more active, but maybe just in thought. 😂 Thank you for sharing such a sentimental location with us and trusting us to document your love story. 🥺 We had so much fun with you two and we're such big fans of you guys! Jason and I are so excited to join you for your wedding! Love you! xoxo



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