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Small park

The other day my husband and I stopped by a small park that I passed by earlier in the day during my travels. I was unsure that we would have a lot to work with since it was dark, cold, and dreary out. On the walk there from the car, I encountered this bench that appeared metallic, but really it was just filthy. I just love how pastel it looked, matched with lovely flowers behind it!


We arrived at the park. We started out with a modeling session by the not-so-professional husband that I didn’t hire. =p We did typical angles. I wanted to experiment more, so I stood up on a picnic table and shot down on him. This shot of him just really stood out to me! The way the light caught his eyes was just astounding! I am thrilled!


Despite access to cameras, we actually don’t have that many images of us together, at least none that are really recent. (I’d like to do a self-engagement type photo session with us one time, but that is a whole different challenging project to talk about another day!)  So I decided to try a few. I handheld the camera and tried to line it up to us. We took dozens of frames and only a couple were good!

This is one of my absolute favorite pictures, ever! I feel like it really captures an accurate glimpse into our bond. Best friends, partners.

After our modeling session was over, we moved on to objects that caught our attention. He has been recently taking an interest in shooting some of his own photography and I am so proud of him. :’]

I saw a cute little seemingly out-of-place birdhouse on a tree that was hung too high for me to get a good look. I had to hold the camera up as high as I could to get a picture with the prime lens that I had. It’s not until after I got home and looked at the images that I realized there was a huge spider on it. Yikes!!

_DSC1161 1_

The grass was covered in dandilions. Although they are weeds, dandelions are beautiful in a way that no flower I have seen is.

It’s ironic to be shooting something so delicate and soft with extremely soft focus. The auto-focus had a tough time, but I got a nice shot!

Sometimes it’s good to just take a walk with your camera. You may just be surprised with what treasures you stumble upon!


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