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Somerville, NJ Engagement Session | Beth & Kurt

Their Session: Somerville, NJ.

We met on a ripe summer day on the streets of Somerville. Not too far from where they live, Beth and Kurt wanted to document this time of their lives in a place that they consider their "stomping grounds" of the past several years. They enjoy visiting an Italian restaurant named Alfonso's or a bar called Project Pub. They also love a cool arcade called Yestercades! They both assured me that Kurt had some killer dance moves, so naturally, I had to ask them to break it down for me during our session! Before we get to their picture perfect Somerville engagement session, I'd love to share some more about their love story!

How They Met: Kurt and Beth met in their high school music classes. These two were in jazz band, marching band, concert band, concert choir, and musicals together. Talk about a sign! Beth played the clarinet and piano, while Kurt played the drums. What he first noticed about Beth was how beautiful her eyes and hair were. What Beth first noticed about Kurt was how funny he was. They decided to take their friendship to the next level after reconnecting in college.

The Proposal: Beth and Kurt LOVE to travel together. They visited Europe during a summer one August. The day started out not so good. Beth was feeling motion sickness due to their drive to Sienna from Rome. She wasn't up for going out that night and wanted to curl up in bed instead. Somehow, Kurt convinced Beth to go out with him and it turned out to be the best night of her life! They went out to dinner and then had some gelato. In Il Campo, Kurt asked a nearby gentleman to take a photograph of the two of them together. Kurt got down on one knee and opened up a ring box that illuminated the engagement ring that was inside! He ended up getting the proposal on video on his phone!

Their Love: Kurt loves that Beth is sweet, patient and kind. He loves how selfless she is and how she puts the needs of others first. Her beauty and compassion is what made Kurt fall in love with her. It's fitting because she now teaches music in elementary school (I mean, how cute is she?!). Kurt also enjoys being able to share life experiences with his best friend. Beth loves how Kurt is creative, generous, and adventurous. She loves how he can make light of any situation by comforting her and making her laugh if she feels like the world is crumbling. Beth loves that she can be herself with Kurt and feels like she's "at home." She said his sense of humor is what made her fall in love with him. Beth also adores how sweet and genuine he is.

Beth and Kurt love spending time together with their two doggos named Charlotte and Roscoe. They also enjoy traveling and exploring new places (obviously, I mean look at their proposal!). They like watching their favorite TV shows together and making homemade pizza. Their ideal weekend would involve sleeping in and snuggling with their pups, ordering their favorite takeout food, and curling up to watch a movie!

Beth & Kurt: I love how precious and pure your love is. You two are such a sweet match made in heaven! I think the way you met and how close music is to both of you is so endearing. I loved getting a little tour of a place that has such sentimental value for you both! Also, I hope to meet your doggos one day! (No pressure...) ☺️



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