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South Mountain Reservation, NJ Engagement Session | Brianna & Seth

Their Session: South Mountain Reservation, NJ
Engagement Session

Jason and I met up with Brianna and Seth, their two dogs Kazoo and Nova, and Brianna's parents on a beautiful day at South Mountain Reservation in New Jersey. Jason and I learned that South Mountain Reservation is massive! We met them by the Fairy Trail which is in Millburn, NJ. Thank goodness for Google Maps and our advanced technology because we could've totally missed each other that day!

Brianna and Seth love their pets and I was so excited that they wanted to bring both of their pups to their engagement session! Brianna's parents were so nice enough to come along and help with the dogs and we made sure to snap a few photos with them as well! I can't wait to share some of my favorite photos and Jason's engagement session video, but first, more about their love story!

How They Met

Brianna and Seth met through some mutual friends during a board game night. They didn't connect that night but defninitley noticed each other! Seth said that Brianna had a great sense of humor and Brianna said she noticed how he seemed to be hiding in his hood for a good portion of the night!

The Proposal

Here's what Brianna shared about their proposal! "We were on a trip to Mexico, and had just gotten into our room and were unpacking to go for dinner. Before we left, we put some things like our wallet, keys etc into the hotel safe and that's when Seth was like "I have one more thing, I don't know if I should put it in the safe or..." and all of a sudden he was on his knee and holding out the ring. I was surprised, and even asked "really?" because I wanted to be sure I wasn't misinterpreting the situation somehow LOL. It was a surprise in the moment, but not all that unexpected at the same time, since we had been together for 6 years at that point!" I can definitely relate to Seth because as soon as I have a gift for someone, I'm SO excited to give it to them! I cannot imagine the wait to give someone an engagement ring and PROPOSE!

Here's what Seth shared about their engagement! "'Really?' Is not exactly the answer you're looking for when you put it all on the line like that! All jokes aside, I knew I wanted to marry her for a very long time. I am kind of an 'all in' sort of person, and I just had to be certain that she wanted it too. Eventually, everything sort of lined up. The rest is history.

Their Love

Brianna shared that before they were together and Seth was able to drive, he used to walk MILES from his house to visit her at work. LIKEEEE 😭 Seth's devotion to visiting her at Rita's Italian Ice showed her how much he really cared about her and she said it sealed the deal! Brianna loved being able to be entirely herself and unfiltered. She knows he will love her regardless.

Seth said that Brianna always did and still does make an effort to show interest in thing he likes, even if he thinks he's boring her to death about card games! He shared that she's always been funny and kind. Seth loves coming home to hang out and relax with Brianna and it's the highlight of his day. 🥺 He loves that there's no pressure whether they spend time together or take some time for themselves.

Brianna and Seth enjoy relaxing at home together. Making coffee and breakfast, taking the pups for a walk, and playing games or watching TV together are some of their favorite activities to do. Perhaps a super busy Saturday (filled with hiking or going to a concert) makes a cozy Sunday at home all the sweeter! As long as they're together, it doesn't really matter where they are!

They love spending time with their pets! Kazoo is a Shiba Inu who is 5 years old and Nova is an Australian Shepherd who is almost 3 years old. They also have two cats; Sebastian who is a 9 year old partially evil tuxedo cat, and Juniper who is a calico mewow-ster aged about 6 months old. They also have a little crested gecko named Pixel who is about 7 years old. Brianna also has a tattoo that honors one of her sweet angel cats who is no longer with them; you can take a peek at the artwork in the photos!

Brianna and Seth are getting married the day before their TEN YEAR anniversary as a couple! What an absolutely amazing way to celebrate!!! Super sweet and smart! Jason and I got married on our 6 year anniversary and it's a great way to honor your dating/engaged life as your anniversary!

Brianna & Seth

Thank you so much for sharing your family and your fur babies with us! We loved spending time with you and getting to know you both. 😊 Thank you for listening to our silly and goofy suggestions and we hope you love how your engagement session came out! We can't wait to join you soon on your wedding day to celebrate with you!



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