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The Artesano Gallery wedding venue, Philadelphia, PA Wedding | Kimberly & Erik

This was an unusual wedding for myself. Due to unforeseen circumstances I was not able to attend, so luckily my wife and a friend Oscar ( were able to attend this wedding for me. Oscar shot in my place, and I am very grateful for that.

It seems to have been a very beautiful wedding. I actually like this experience, because I get to see a raw wedding that I did not shoot. It is lovely to make this film captured from another videographer's point of view. Although I did not get to meet this couple, I get to find out so much about them from the footage. The point of a wedding film, is to tell the story of the couple.

I see now making this highlight how important audio is in wedding films. You can see the laughs and smiles, and the body language tells a story itself. Usually I remember these moments because I was there, so I remember the feelings. This time it's different, so when I create the full length wedding film though, the audio will be key in communicating more of the story.




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