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The Field

So, as I have mentioned in an earlier post, I wanted to take some couple/engagement-style pictures with my husband, but photograph them myself. When we went on vacation, of course we brought our camera gear with us! We did a lot of driving around (or should I say, my husband did a lot of driving around) and kept passing this huge epic field right around where we were staying. It appeared to be a field of leaves or a harvested crop. We’ve never really seen anything like it. So we chose it as a place to try this shoot!

It’s pretty challenging to take couple pictures when;

♥ you cannot see what the camera is seeing

♥ you’re terribly sick with a cold

♥ you’re fighting daylight

But we tried really hard, and I think we got some great results. How did we do it, you ask? I have a remote that can send a signal to the camera to take a picture, so no one has to be there and push the button. I did a lot of framing and focusing on just him, jumped right next to him, snapped some pictures, and ran back to make adjustments. I took the ones of my hand without a remote.


I’d love to continue this adventure with him in different places.

Love this boy!



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