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The Grand Loft in Elizabeth, NJ | Styled Shoot

groom model and bride model leaning close with wedding veil

We love meeting new people and going to new places. This styled shoot was just a handful out of all the lovely people in the wedding industry.

From the couples, to the guests, Jessah and I try to spend time with everyone throughout the day. One thing I've learned to love about styled shoots, is the time we get to dedicate with each person.

Some of the best moments, are all the moments leading up to the actual shoot. We love being there for the setup of the day. It's beautiful to see the vision of the day slowly unravel.

The Grand Loft was a lovely venue to shoot at. Directed towards intimate weddings, I quite liked the space. I know other venue's have huge outdoor grounds, over the top marble floors, and endless staff dressed to serve royalty...but this place somehow brought a beautiful charm to a wedding experience.

When you're not focused on all the elaborateness, you focus on what actually matters. Ain't that what weddings are about? Family, friends, and most importantly your spouse? People are the stars of the show, as it should be.




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