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Verona Park, NJ Engagement Session | Alexa & Alex + Scarlet

Their Session: Verona Park, NJ.

We met on the perfect autumn day with crunchy leaves beneath our feet and bright colors on the trees for their mini-session. Alexa and Alex brought along their beautiful pup named Scarlet, an important family member they wanted to include in their session. Could this day seriously get any better?! They named her after Rutgers' Scarlet Knights which is the football team of the college they both went to! Alexa's sister even came to watch Scarlet when it was time for photos of just the two love bugs! I'm so excited to share some of the fall goodness, but first I'm happy to share more about their love story!

How They Met: Alexa and Alex have known each other since the FIRST grade! But it wasn't until their junior year of high school where they started getting to know each other more. They both took a class for college that required them to see events and write reviews. They went to the Paper Mill Playhouse in Millburn, NJ and the New York Philharmonic in NYC. From this, they became close friends before they decided to pursue more together. Now they've been together for over a DECADE!!!

The Proposal: I love the way Alexa shares about her surprise proposal! "We had a weekend planned with both of our families. Started with everyone going to a Train/Goo Goo Dolls concert at PNC and then everyone staying the weekend at my moms in Manasquan NJ. Lots of beach and pool time. Saturday night we all went out to dinner at Avon Pavilion in Bradley Beach. I hadn’t been there before so I had no idea they don’t take reservations but made an exception for our group. After dinner there was a live band on the pier so we hung out there for a while. Alex said let’s go grab the car so we were walking down along the beach. When we crossed the street he stopped along Sylvan Lake and popped the question! People were honking and cheering as they passed by. After taking a quick picture we walked back up to our family cheering on the pier."

Alexa said she had a feeling something might be up because her mom told her to get her hair done! Apparently the whole family knew about the proposal! "And then we drove home after and when we pulled into the backyard all of our friends were hiding in the yard. He had planned an engagement party with all of our friends. Catered dinner and snacks since they all traveled down the shore for it. And we partied all night." This sounds like it was such an amazing experience! Family, dinner, the beach, an engagement, and partying with friends! Alex, you did good, kid!

Their Love: They love doing everything together from running errands, planning to host for the holidays, watching football, to traveling. They also LOVE watching movies together or having a game night! They are both tea fans and enjoy making it at home.

Alex describes Alexa as detail-oriented, creative, and intelligent. He loves that she is so open with communication and that they share the same goals. He also admires her for being self-sufficient. One of Alex's favorite things about Alexa is seeing the progress that she makes in life and what she will do next.

Alexa described Alex as generous, imaginative, and ambitious. She loves that he is so driven and it makes her want to push herself harder. He also makes Alexa feel more free and that it's okay for her to deviate from the path at times! Alexa loves that everything is better when they do it together, even the hard things.

Alexa & Alex: I had such a great time with you during our session!!! I am so happy you guys had a blast while laughing, twirling, and even some dancing! Thank you so much for bringing your dog Scarlet. I am always so happy to meet a new furry friend!




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