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A chilly but cozy rainy morning! So I finally sat down and went through my photos from the Virginia vacation that my husband and I go on annually. After driving down there, we lost one of our cars the next day (it died =[ ). Unfortunately, we were never able to repair it. I spent most of my time trying to (get my husband to) relax and enjoy vacation. I am definitely a believe of actually living life more than trying to prove to others through photos and video that I am living it, and how well I am doing it. We didn't spend much time photographing but did get some nice pictures when we did.

We went to the Virginia Beach/boardwalk. We saw boats docked right where we parked and loved the position of the sun. I must say, as someone who has lived their entire life in New Jersey, I was so puzzled by the VA beach. It wasn't at all what I remember in NJ. All of the shops were on the street next to the boardwalk. The boardwalk was a solid, well constructed, and extremely clean area. There weren't any actual shops there, aside from some tents set up later in our walk. We saw cute dogs and some kids trying to play with sand. Yes, and a lot of coconut cup holders which was strange. There was also a number of bands or singing groups which was random but pretty neat. It was a unique experience! Take a look at some of the images below.

It's nice and therapeutic to get out and photograph with my husband. I couldn't imaging being with someone that couldn't relate to what I enjoy doing, especially if they couldn't feign the interest in it.

A few more vacation images coming soon!



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