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01. Bridal Details!


Your details are any and all sentimental things you're using on your wedding day. Here are some examples of items you could bring;


-Invitation Suite (Invitation, RSVP card, Accommodations card, Directions card, all envelopes)

-Save the Date card

-Engagement ring

-Both wedding bands






-Additional rings

-Your dress/ensemble

-Hanger for your dress

-Vows/Vow book

-Hair jewelry/accessories


-Ring dish

-Something old, new, borrowed, and blue

-A card for or from your partner (if you are exchanging)

-A gift for or from your partner (if you are exchanging)

-Any additional sentimental items

-Loose flowers (While bouquets are sometimes included in flaylatys, it's preferable to obtain a few loose florals for this instead of having to lay your bouquet down and flatten it before your ceremony and photos.



The above list of items is not in any way required for your wedding day. These are simply the most popular items that we deal with and recommend as a starting point. Some people don't wear jewelry besides their engagement ring, or don't have much else other than their invitation and some jewelry. Absolutely no worries. Bring what you're comfortable with!

You are also not limited to only those items listed above. If you'd like to include a piece of wedding decor or a the lipstick you're wearing that day, you absolutely can!

 Capturing details is popular during bridal prep but you don't have to force yourself to do it if it's not you!

It's the small things!

Pictured below are some examples of flay lays that Jessah has done. She takes time and pride in stylizing your wedding day belonging! She brings accessories along from her styling collection which includes linens, trays, canvas backdrops, and plenty of little accent pieces to compliment your details. Many couples request these layouts after having seen them in our work. If you love the small things, and know how much details matter, make sure you mention it! That goes for the gents also as wedding days are about two people!


Check out the Groom Details next on the list!


Check out the Groom Details next on the list or head back to the guide!

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