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02. Groom Details!

Feel the VIBE!

Not so quickly forgotten, are the groom's details!  Historically our industry has put the groom into a more passive role.  The bride takes center stage and she is associated with more of the pretty details of a wedding. But weddings are not about one person; they're celebration of the joining of two separate people. That's why we want to value the groom's details as much as the bridal details.  Covering the groom's details is cohesive with keeping with the times for weddings.  Countless couples choose to appreciate groom details, and we encourage it! 


Here are some items you can bring to groom prep;


-Tie clip









-Pocket Square/Handkerchief






-Vows/Vow book

-A card for or from your partner (if you are exchanging)

-A gift for or from your partner (if you are exchanging)

-Any additional sentimental items


-Hanger for your jacket


Detail photos are a great way to show off your personality and honor who you are as an individual. Don't feel discouraged if you feel like you do not have a lot of details. We do encourage both partners to share details so we can showcase you individually. But this is supposed to be an enjoyable one and not a stressful one, so don't worry if you're not feeling it!


Anything that has special meaning can make it's way to detail shots.  We've seen shot glasses, personalized items like handkerchiefs, music boxes, and even a guitar in addition to the classics. This is your chance to personalize your wedding story story. 


Details let you show off the colors of your wedding, your love, and your vibe.

For both photography and videography, nothing sets the tone of the day like detail shots.  We love these moments, and so will you!  Make sure to tell Jessah you want detail shots, she's got the eye!  We'll be having a blast by the time we get to Bride Prep.


Check out the Bride Prep next on the list or head back to the guide!

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