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03. Bride Prep!

At Bride Prep, Jessah and Jason are committed to capturing the atmosphere of the room.  We'll get those stunning beautiful moments such as a relative or friend helping with a dress or bridesmaids helping with shoes, as well as all those silly and fun moments that show off everyone's personalities!

We want you to have fun during bride prep and enjoy your time!  We've had confetti covering the room, dance moves to favorite songs, and everyone laughing so much that tension or pressure of the wedding day melts away.  

Do it for the gram


Couples that enjoy themselves on their wedding days always make for the best photos and videos.  Plus it's your wedding day, you deserve to thoroughly enjoy it!  To avoid awkward feels and smiles, we encourage everyone to share their excitement and have the time of your lives!


By the time we head to Groom Prep, gents may try to "out-party" the girls.  


Check out the Groom Prep next on the list or head back to the guide!

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