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04. Groom Prep!

Friends and Family matter!

Groom prep is all about the moments that matter between friends and family. The groom is getting ready for one of the most significant days in his life! We want that to be a part of your memories, which is why we want to value these moments and make it a part of your wedding day.


While the girls love to have fun at Bride Prep, the gents definitely know how to party strong.  Some grooms break out shot glasses to toast with their groomsmen, some provide small gifts to thank their groomsmen for being a part of their day, and others kick back and soak in the moments with people that matter most.  

Whatever your style may be, we don't want to miss it.  Wedding days are more than just pretty flowers and expensive clothes, they represent two people, two families, becoming one.  That's a story we feel is not complete without groom prep.  

Sometimes a love story is best told in words.  If you can't wait to tell your significant other how much they mean to you, Card Readings is the new trend and something you need to incorporate into your wedding day.  


Check out the Card Readings next on the list or head back to the guide!

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