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11. Cake Cutting!

Are we getting dirty? or are we keeping it clean?  Don't look at us, we're here just to observe.   We've even seen the fake out, where it all seems nice...and then in comes a quick cake smoosh.  You got us on our toes trying to get every photo and video clip we can of you two.  

Watch the make up...although you're beautiful without it.  Don't get some on the suit...but you're changing later anyway right?  Having some fun with the wedding cake...whatever that looks like to you!  

We need napkins!


Cake cutting usually falls towards the end of the night in the reception.  When you decide to do your cake cutting will help you determine how long you are looking to book us.  Sometimes receptions are "front-loaded", which basically means that speeches, toasts, and cake cutting all fall towards the early part of your reception.  Now this might mean you need us less hours, but usually with this arrangement we don't get nearly as much dancing and candid moments of your guests.  


If you value the dancing and candid moments and want to make sure you see enough of these, book more hours for the end of the reception with us to receive that.  You might like us so much, you keep us to the very end.  We're having a blast, so we'd love that!  Afterparty anyone? Or how about a grand finale?

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