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09. Couple's Portraits!

Just do your thing...

For Jessah and Jason, our talent is not just in photo and video, it's in bringing out our couple's personality.  You'll often see us joking, having a good time, and being awkward on purpose.  We want things light and fun, because this gives our couple's a chance to open up and break out of their shell.  


Now it's time to dip out from the wedding hustle and bustle.  This has started to become something we encourage   couple's to plan for.  We encourage the bride and groom to plan time to get away.  Plan time to enjoy your cocktail hour.  Plan to have a break.  You may even need a break from us, make sure to let us know!


Sure we'll grab some shots with you...maybe a sunset walk, but when we pull you away from your wedding it's time to enjoy each other's company.  Even the two of you relaxing with each other makes great photos and videos.  Don't worry, enjoy the moment and we'll worry about capturing it.   Rested up?  Because it's time to break into the Reception and start partying!

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