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10. Reception!


You're not the only one dancing...

There is so much to enjoy at your reception.  Of course we have intros, they really set the stage for the vibe of your reception.  Then we have your first dance...but it won't be your last.  Off to toasts, we love to hear all the little dirty secrets and wild stories from your past...we hold no judgement here!  

Turn it up, because now the party is starting.  We love capturing not only you two, but all your guests having a blast.  We kind of secretly love receptions the most on wedding days, because after all the structure and all the formality throughout the day, we can finally sit back and play backseat to your wedding.  


Some of the best moments come from when everyone is just having a good time.  It's not all dancing to, we love crashing at people's tables and getting guests to open up.  We love our couples for who they are.  We get people that take the spotlight on the dance floor and party hard, and we get people that blend in and enjoy all the beauty of their friends and family together.  

There are no wrong answers at your reception...basically, do whatever you want.  Sometimes we go back out for more photos at sunset or night shots.  No pressure though, we understand and recognize that most couples when they get to the reception they just want to enjoy it and relax.  It's all about a balance, just like marriage.  Having fun yet?  Let's see where the mood is at cake cutting...this is a moment no one wants to miss!

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