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St. Michael’s Church, Caldwell, NJ | Family Baptism

Their Session: I met with sweet little Aiden, his parents, and Godparents on a beautiful spring afternoon at St Michael’s Church in Cranford, NJ. He is adorable and was such a sweetie pie! The church baptism for this sweet little boy was beautiful and intimate. The family continued the celebration with loved ones at lunch nearby afterwards that had the most thoughtful and beautiful details. I can't wait to share some of my favorite moments from Aiden's baptism day, but first, more about this little guy!

Caitlin and Brian were definitely expecting a boy when they found out their family was going to get a little bigger! Caitlin says that sweet little Aiden is already a little rough and tumble guy which her and Brian just love. He is both smiley and sensitive. They plan on nurturing all sides of him.

Brian and Caitlin loved the name Aiden from the beginning. Brian’s favorite pregnancy project was to go through each letter of the alphabet and pick names for each one! They went through the entire alphabet but agreed that Aiden was the perfect fit for their son! The best part was that choosing that name made their family the beginning of the alphabet; Aiden, Brian, & Caitlin. HOW ADORABLE ARE THESE PEOPLE?!!!?!?! 😭

When I asked Caitlin what significance baptism had to her and her family, she shared, “While Brian and I are not I guess you would say über religious people, we do have very strong faith in God. We both believe that God brought us together because when we saw each other for the first time it was love at first sight. We believe that God is Guiding us through our marriage and that being married in the church was our way of fulfilling God’s plan for us. When we wanted a child together, we prayed every day for Aiden. We turned our faith completely to God to guide us. We wanted to give our son a firm foundation to begin his life and know that he is a cherished child of God.” I love what an important role Caitlin and Brian decided God should have in their life and how they want to share that with their son!

Caitlin wanted to highlight that Aiden was wearing his father’s baptismal gown. 🥺 “Just the sentiment and tradition behind it, warmed our hearts through and through.”

Caitlin & Brian: Thank you so much for trusting me with such an important and intimate event in your lives. Going through the pandemic has been a struggle on people, but I’m so glad that you were able to have friends and family join you and celebrate Aiden’s baptism with you! I hope that God continues to guide you and your family to have nice strong relationships with Him and each other! ❤️